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Saturday, December 14, 2013


Should've ignored what I felt
What I felt deep in my heart
Cause now I don't even know
How to start letting you go

It hurts so bad I can't explain
I should've just ran away
Beside you I just can't stay
Cause I know that we won't be

Without words you have shown me what love is
Without words your name is what my heart screams
Without words you have made me much pain
Without words feels like I have drowned in the rain

And I was such a fool to believe that there was really you and me
Without saying a word
I'll pretend that I don't hear
My heart whenever you're near
And though it doesn't subside
Whenever our worlds collide

I know... 
Someday I'll learn to let you go


  1. Bak kata Hamzah, "Dadu, Muiz, bukan ana yang menyentuh hati kamu, tapi Allah yang membuka hati kamu dan memberi sedikit hidayah kepada kamu." Dah tengok UMTAD?

  2. may Allah gives you a patience to facing the ujian / dugaan. in my opinion. u and her at the same boat. still love and missing each other. it might be she dont what it happen like this. maybe she frustrated. it might be your relationship with her isn't be agreed by yours family / others.

    so that might be the reason why she needs to leave you even her hearts don't want it. even for a few month she bear her tears. so what i can really say, forgives her. don't blame her. try to understand the real muslim is like what.

    and finally. gives her dua. may Allah blessed her, redho her and strengthen her. and one thing Allah is Always with us. maybe Allah not gives you your real friends just now from what you needs. but Allah gives you what exactly good for you.

    fabiaiyi ala irabbikuma tukazziban...